Channel Models

This is the module which provides functions and classes that implement channel modeling compliant with 3GPP.

Channel modeling correrspond to five important sub modules namely Antenna Array, Node Mobility, Simulation Layout, Channel Parameter Generator and Channel-Coefficient-Generator The class AntennaArrays implements the antenna array both at the transmitter and receiver side. NodeMobility allows the users to simulate the channel across multiple snapshots. i.e., It provides the flexibility to simulate the channel considering the mobility of nodes at both ends of the link. The class SimulationLayout implements the deployment of Base Stations (BS’s) and dropping User Equipments (UE’s) inside a particular geometry. ParameterGenearator class provides all the parameters necessary to simulate channel coefficients, that includes Large Scale Parameters (LSP’s) like Delay Spread, Angular Spreads both in azimuth and zenith directions, Path Loss etc., Small Scale Parameters (SSP’s) like cluster delays, cluster powers, cluster angular spreads and cluster/ray angles (both arrival, departure in azimuth, zenith directions). The class CoefficientGenearator implements the cluster level channel coefficients for each link generated in the simulation.

The implementation of antenna element corresponding to class AntennaArrays can be found from the module Antenna Elements. The class Antenna_3GPP_38901 implements 3GPP 38.901 antenna element. The class Antenna_HertzianDipole implements Hertzina Dipole antenna and the class Antenna_LinearDipole implements Linear Dipole antenna.

BS layout implementation and the UE drop implementation can be found from the modules BS Layouts and UE Drops respectively.