Channel state information reference signal (CSI-RS) Configurations

This API generates the configurations for Channel state information reference signal (CSI-RS) which is used by the BS to acquire channel state information for downlink communication in TDD based non-reciprocal networks. The details of these parameters are listed below in input and output interface.


The un-configured parameters are selected randomly from a valid set of possible values.

class toolkit5G.Configurations.CSIConfiguration(nrofPorts=None, density=None, cdmType=None, scramblingID=None, slotNumber=None, frequencyDomainAllocation=None, firstOFDMSymbolInTimeDomain=None, firstOFDMSymbolInTimeDomain2=None, nrofPRBs=None, startPRB=None, Nfft=None, betaCSIRS=None, rowIndex=None, periodicity=None, slotOffset=None, subcarrierSpacing=30000, numSlots=1)[source]