PDSCH Lower Physical Layer Configurations

This API generates the configurations for lower physical layer of the physical downlink shared channel (PDSCH) or PDSCH-DMRS. The details of these parameters are listed below in input and output interface.


The un-configured parameters are selected randomly from a valid set of possible values.

class toolkit5G.Configurations.PDSCHLowerPhyConfiguration(pdschMappingType=None, maxLength=None, startSymbol=None, numSymbols=None, betaDMRS=None, configurationType=None, dmrsTypeAPosition=None, dmrsAdditionalPosition=None, ld=None, l0=None, l1=None, rank=None, scramblingID=None, nSCID=None, verbose=True)[source]

Generates Upper Phy parameters. The unconfigured parameters are generated by this module based on the parameters provided to the API.

  • pdschMappingType (str) – Defines PDSCH mapping type \(\in \{\) ‘PDSCH-mapping-type-A’, ‘PDSCH-mapping-type-B’ \(\}\).

  • configurationType (str) – Defines configuration type for PDSCH \(\in \{\) ‘Configuration-type-1’, ‘Configuration-type-2’ \(\}\).

  • dmrsTypeAPosition (str) – Defines dmrsTypeAPosition parameter of PDSCH-DMRS \(\in \{\) ‘pos2’, ‘pos3’ \(\}\).

  • maxLength (int) – Defines the maxLength parameter of PDSCH-DMRS \(\in \{\) ‘len1’, ‘len2’ \(\}\).

  • dmrsAdditionalPosition (str) – Defines dmrsTypeAPosition parameter of PDSCH-DMRS \(\in \{\) “pos0”, “pos1”, “pos2”, “pos3” \(\}\).

  • l0 (int) – Defines \(l_0\) parameter of PDSCH-DMRS \(\in \{1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6\}\).

  • ld (int) – Defines \(l_d\) parameter of PDSCH-DMRS. It takes values \(\in \{2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12,13\}\) based on pdschMappingType and maxLength.

  • l1 (int) – Defines \(l_1\) parameter of PDSCH-DMRS \(\in \{11, 12\}\). Default value is 11.

  • rank (int) – Defines rank/num of layers/streams to be transmitted. It must match number of ports \(\in \{1,2,\dots,8\}\) for ‘Configuration-type-1’ and \(\in \{1,2,\dots,12\}\) for ‘Configuration-type-2’.

  • scramblingID (int) – Defines the scramblingID \(\in \{0,1,\dots,65535\}\).

  • nSCID (int) – Defines the quantity \(\text{𝑛}_{\text{SCID}} \in \{0,1\}\) is given by the DM-RS sequence initialization field.

  • [Error-PDSCH DMRS] – Invalid pdschMappingType. The valid values are ‘PDSCH-mapping-type-A’ and ‘PDSCH-mapping-type-B’!

  • [Error-PDSCH DMRS] – Invalid maxLength. The valid values are ‘len1’ and ‘len2’!

  • [Error-PDSCH DMRS] – Invalid dmrsTypeAPosition. The valid values are ‘pos2’ and ‘pos3’!

  • [Error-PDSCH DMRS] – Invalid configurationType. The valid values are ‘Configuration-type-1’ and ‘Configuration-type-2’!