API Documentation

5G Toolkit supports wide range of procedures, usecases and features. Some of them are captured directly via the APIs as discussed below in table-1.

Table 1 Table-1: The modules and packages supported by 5G Toolkit



Sequence Generation

Generate all the sequences used for wide variety of purposes in 5G such as channel state acquisition, positioning etc.

Resource Mapping

This modules maps various sequences and physical channels payload to the time frequency OFDM grid/resources.

Physical Channels

Implements uplink and downlink control, shared and broadcast/random channels.

Payload Generation

Generate MIB and DCI payloads,

Forward Error Correction

Implements Polar codec, LDPC Codec and Reed Muller Codec for 5G.

Rate matching

Supports rate matching for Polar codec, LDPC Codec and Reed Muller Codec.


Presents all the Interleavers/Deinterleavers available for various chains in 5G.


Implements Orthogonal frequency division multiplexing modulator and demodulator.

Channel processing

Provides packages for passing a Transmitted signal though the channel in time/frequency domain and adding noise to the input signal based on the SNR.

Symbol Mapping

Supports the symbol mapping and symbol demapping to convert the bits to symbols and recovering the llrs/bits from symbols.


Implements 5G complaint scrambler and descrambler to randomize the input bits and undo this randomization at receiver.


Implements Cyclic redundancy check encoder and decoder for all the generator polynomial supported by 5G.


Provides algorithms for delay estimation and position estimation using delay estimates.