5G Configurations

5G physical layer implementation is controlled by radio resource controller and MAC scheduler using various RRC and non- RRC parameters which influences the 5G network performance. These parameters can be very large in number and overwhelming for the users select and pass for simulations. Hence, 5G-Toolkit provides configuration APIs to generate a valid set of parameters for simulating the relevant chains and procedures. The users can pass the parameters of their interest and the APIs select/returns the remaining parameters from a valid set of configurations which complies with 5G standards.


Current, version of toolkit-5G provides configurations for following chains and reference signals:
  • Channel state information reference signals (CSI-RS).

  • Sounding reference signal (SRS).

  • Time frequency configurations which covers parameters related to:
    • Frame structure,

    • Numerology and bandwidth,

    • Sampling rate and OFDM.


  • Physical Downlink Shared Channel (PDSCH) and DMRS-PDSCH.
    • Separately for upper physical layer and lower physical layer chains.


The un-configured parameters are selected randomly from a valid set of possible values.

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