Receiver Algorithms

The 5G receiver design requires many algorithms to meet the different quality of service (QoS) metrics essential to support a variety of use-cases supported by 5G. This section covers only the receiver algorithms required in lower physical layer of 5G channels such as time synchronization, frequency synchronization, channel estimation, and equalization. The remaining algorithms such as symbol demapping, channel decoding, ToA estimation, DoA estimation etc. are covered in the respective modules.


3rd Generation Partnership Project doesn’t specify anything about how someone should design a receiver or receiver algorithms.

Table of Contents

Channel Estimation and Equalization Methods

This subsection lists the channel estimation and symbol equalization algorithms used by physical broadcast channel (PBCH) and physical downlink control channel (PDCCH).

Parameter Estimation Methods

This subsection covers the methods required to estimate the DMRS, PSS and SSS parameters. These modules also cover time and frequency synchronization. The details are provided in respective sections.